Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal was a very active youth activist while his days in college and any injustice of any kind to anyone was totally unacceptable to him. Whether any person raises a voice or not against the injustice, Dr. Mukesh was always the first person to lead into the Principal's Office and made sure that the justice is delievered. Still he is actively involved in writing journals and articles in newspapers which very aptly depicts the state of today's society.

As a famous saying goes - "Youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other… to try the manners of different nations; to hear the chimes at midnight; to see the sunrise in town and country; to be converted at a revival; to circumnavigate the metaphysics, write halting verses, run a mile to see a fire, and wait all day long in the theatre to applaud a movie star". It rests upon an institution / alma mater for giving direction to a student / prodigy. If the energy flows in the right channel at the right point of time, it produces something constructive, and if it goes awkward the results wont be that much convincing.

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal's Message for the youth goes like this - "You who are the future and hope of humanity, trust in a love that is true, faithful and strong; a love that generates peace and joy; a love that binds people together and allows them to feel free in respect for one another. Embrace newer technologies and changes of society but at the same time be in tandem with the roots of value & culture. Any person whosoever is in touch with his / her culture will always be successful in life, its because the cultural richness gives you the confidence to excel in all the walks of life."

Any nation's success and growth depends heavily on the youth population and India is blessed with 60 % of youth population. With this much heavy and dedicated work force, we can go on and win over the entire world in terms of being a rich state. So step up, realise your potential and work with utmost dedication and sincerity, besides that, our rich cultural heritage and values are equally important and we also must respect them with the manner in which our fore fathers have been doing till now. Because any state devoid of religion / culture / value will be on a path of extinction.

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