Philosophy is a necessary means for the possession of the higher knowledge of the Self. Philosophy is an intensely practical science. “Philosophy has its roots in the practical needs of man. Man wants to know about transcendental matters when he is in a reflective state. There is an urge within him to know about the secret of death, the secret of immortality, the nature of the soul, the creator and the world.”

“Philosophy is the self-expression of the growing spirit in man.”

Above saying suits the persona of Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal in the best possible way, coz he is a firm believer in the state of "Karma". Any human being who wishes to be successful in life should sail across the sea of hardship while sailing on the ship of "Karma". As Lord Krishna has envisaged in the texts of Geeta, that one should not eager for the fruit of success rather one should toil hard in the Sun and the fruits of success and fame will automatically fall in one's lap. Dr. Mukesh is an austere follower of Geeta in practical life also and its evident from the kind of lifestyle, he's living in.

We get three prime statements in relation to God realization:


It means that only those people realize God:

  • Who selflessly adore God in His personal form
  • Whose all the desires (along with their subtle forms) are totally removed from their heart
  • Who wholeheartedly worship and adore a personal form of God and the Divine Master with equal reverence.

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal has lived his entire life revolving around these three principles. He firmly believes that if one really wants to worship God, then the only method acceptable to Almighty is the service of humanity. No other devotion or meditation can give you bigger fruit than the service of mankind. If one cant respect the citizens of God, how can God be blessed upon you ?

If Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal's philosophy be summed up in nutshell, then it would be like as follows - "Stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. All the strength and succor you want is within yourselves. Therefore make your own future". Normally 90% of our energy is WASTED in useless thoughts, if one understands this VAST ocean of energy will be available at one's COMMAND. WHATEVER we do devote our whole mind, heart and soul to it. If MIND is under control we will be able to achieve whatever we want in life. It is our mental attitude which makes world what it is for us. Our thoughts make things beautiful OR ugly.

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal has always lived on single principle of life and thats the service of humanity besides performing the duties of a Son, Father, Husband, Brother, Friend and so on with utmost dedication and sincerity. Philosophy that he has lived upon is based upon years of very committed and sincere Karma that he as followed in life.

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