Health Camps - Providing Health Consultancy to lakhs of individuals through Ayurvedic Camps and thereby taking the treatment of Ayurveda to the masses since last 8 years.

AIDS Awarenss - Held numerous campaigns on AIDS awareness on 1st Dec - World's AIDS Day and educated people about the know-how of HIV.

Green Workshops - Performed numerous Tree Plantation Workshops in schools of Rural North India.

Ayurveda Jagriti Mission - Successfully launched a NGO - Ayurveda Jagriti Mission in the year 2000 for the cause of Ayurveda and providing quality health care to the needy and poor patients. Over 800 Ayurvedic Doctors are members of this organisation.

Manav Sewa Sangh - Worked as an Ayurvedic Consultant at Manav Sewa Sangh, Gharaunda soon after graduating from college and provided healthcare to the remotest and poorest parts of Haryana.

Bharat Vikas Parishad - Worked as Founder President of Bharat Vikas parishad and participated in innumerable social activities. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal is still associated with the Parishad and is very actively involved in all the social gatherings and activities.

Seminars - Participated in seminars and conferences on Marriage & Health related issues in schools, colleges and other such institutions.

Counselling Sessions - Started a Counselling wing for those people who are depressed / frustrated in their lives, especially post marriage related counselling.

Education CD's - Personally developed an Education CD on Panchkarma & Sex Education for the benefit of the masses.

Satyam Informatics - Founder & CEO of Satyam Informatics - an organisation thats responsible for the blending of Ayurveda and Information Technology. This organisation has indigeneously designed & developed an Ayurvedic Software - easyAYURVEDA ( . Its an excellent learning tool for all Ayurvedic Professionals.

Online Consultancy - Founder & innovator of - Largest Online Ayurvedic Consultancy & Social Networking Portal. Till date almost 1000 renowned Ayurvedic Consultants from all over the globe are registered on the site and providing consultancy absolutely free of cost to the patients.

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