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If you are looking for the best Hair Specialist Doctor ( trichologist ) for your hair and skin related issues then Dr.Mukesh Aggarwal from VHCA Hair Clinic is the best option for you. He is one of the few Ayurveda Hair Specialist Doctors ( trichologist ) who expertise in treating hair related issues naturally. VHCA Hair Clinic has been treating hair related issues for more than 21 years.


In the early morning hours of 14th September, 1974 – a day celebrated as Hindi Diwas, a boy was born to a highly affluent business family of small town, Gharaunda and very soon the child came out of the nappies world and made his presence felt in the vicinity of Gharaunda with his deeds. Keeping in tradition with the day he was born, his love for Hindi language was a foregone conclusion. This child is named “MUKESH” a name thats synonymous with the Lord Shiva. His father Vaidya Hari Krishan, a very active and prominent personality in the Ayurvedic Circles of India couldn’t hold his tears when his child at a tender age of five started helping in the family business by making the Ayurvedic tablets and giving then shape with soft, tiny fingers. Soon it was realized that this boy will do something for the cause of Ayurveda and has the ability to change the course of river. At an age when children plays with toys and teddies, young Mukesh was enjoying his stint as an Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer.


While in school, Mukesh was very good in oratory skills and whether its a stage show / Anchoring / Drama, this child always stood as a distinction. It was almost a rare occurence to see someone else anchoring a school function. His voice was a regular feature of all events. Very soon, the school days were over and College life started. When more and more young medical students opt for a career in Allopathic system of medicine, Mukesh opted for the traditional Ayurvedic System of Medicine, which his family has been practicising since 1928 and he’s the sixth generation of the family serving the cause of Ayurveda.

Mukesh was nick named Pudiya by one of his teachers, for he was famous in his school for being a young Ayurveda Practitioner. Right from childhood, he was inclined towards spiritualism and at a young age of 12, he holds the distinction of reading all the ancient vedas, upanishadas, darshans etc. He holds a very deep knowledge and understanding of spiritualism and has often recited his views on the school platform. Mukesh is a poet at heart and he has composed hundreds of poems till date on variety of themes.


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As was expected of him, he got himself admitted in Rohtak Ayurvedic College for garduation in BAMS and is still in the process of acquring knowledge of varied subjects till date. Besides being an Ayurvedic Consultant, he’s also LLB (Bachelor of Law). His interest in journalism has encouraged him to pass PGDJMC (Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication) and besides that he also holds PGDHRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management). He’s also a highly skilled yoga practitioner and has passed NDDY (Diploma in Naturopathy & Diploma in Yoga) with distinction


Soon after graduation, Mukesh joined his Family business of Ayurvedic Herbs Cultivation, Medicine Manufacturing & Consultancy etc. and has launched roughly 250 new Ayurvedic Formulations under his dynamic leadership. Besides that, he also joined Manav Sewa Sangh in 1998 as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and started helping the poor and needy patients. After serving the humanity for two years, Mukesh started out as an independent practitioner and has created a niche for himself in the circle of Ayurvedic Consultants of India. He also joined many NGO’s out of which he also served as the president of the Bharat Vikas Parishad, Gharaunda for two years and earned national award for the same for two successive years. He’s also the member of Rural Health Council, Gharaunda and his name was nominated by the National Health Welfare Society. He’s one of the best orator on Marriage & Sex Counselling and has delivered innumerable speeches at a number of schools, colleges and other such institutions all over India.


Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal has always helped the poor patients and it was for this purpose only, that he launched Ayurveda Jagriti Mission in the year 2000. The purpose of this mission is to provide low cost but effective and quality health care, medicines for all. The brand of VHCA Herbals also established an online identity through a string of websites. Ayurveda Software, OPD Software, Sex Education CD’s etc. are all some live examples of the scale of success that a man can achieve at such a young age. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal has very effectively blended the Ayurveda with Information Technology to take this traditional system of medicine to newer unconquered heights.

Marriage & Family

There’s a very famous saying – “Behind every successful man, there is always a woman”. This saying very aplty suits in the persona of Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal as his better half Mrs. Anuradha Aggarwal has managed the domestic front with utmost sincerity and perfection. Besides being a good and understanding wife, she also holds distinction in studies as she’s a gold medalist in her graduation. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal is blessed with two lovely kids – Avni & Satyam, with Satyam truly reflecting his father’s childhood days.

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