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Dr. Mukesh Agarwal is a doctor by profession, a human and a social worker in practice, a poet by heart. Gentleness is his greatest ornament.

Waqt Ke Darmiyan / वक़्त के दरमियाँ: कोरोना कालखंड की कविताएँ

For the last one year, our country is battling with an infectious disease called Corona. It has greatly affected not only our health, our daily routine, our relationships. Markets are deserted, while hospitals and crematoriums are littered with the living and the dead. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal has made a fruitful effort to bring out all the aspects of Corona in his poetry-collection with rhymes. The effects of Corona on children, young generation, old people have been engraved in simple language. In this critical time, the poet also cautions us and also suggests solutions. The poet has given a balanced portrayal of the role of doctors and administration in the Corona period, the problems of the working class, the ideal management established by Italy during the Corona period. Apart from these, the international major activities of this year have also been engraved. Among them, China’s expansionist policy, America’s policy of apartheid, war etc. have been opposed. War is not the solution to any problem.

The poet suggests new ways to live in the Corona-era, which is commendable. Hope the readers will give a lot of love to this work too. May the pen of poet Mukesh Aggarwal continue like this, keep touching new floors – I wish such good luck. 

Sirf Ek Manav Hoon Main

Sirf Ek Manav Hoon Main is a collection of poems which are written by Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal.

Bhor Ki Ore

Mukesh Aggarwal is a doctor by profession, but his love for Hindi is unforgettable. Love of Hindi language and culture enhances his vision of life. Poems compiled in the poetry collection ‘Bhor Ki Ore’ present a hopeless, weary human to a hopeless world full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. This life is the soul of his poems. The message of staying positive in life makes every poem alive. Mukesh Agarwal, a young poet full of wonderful enthusiasm and enthusiasm, is eager to remove the suffering of mankind by collecting bright pearls of culture. His statement in the poem ‘I am alone’ is a testimony to this fact. Like a lotus flower, now I have to live in the world, while living with everyone, I have to be alone in myself, this is the basis of happiness in life and irony too! This is the paradox of life! In poems, the knowledge of the impermanence of life inspires humans to leave pride. Poems like ‘Haar ko hara bhi harega’ inspire the younger generation to struggle, while Arjuna also Krishna also portrays the duality of cowardice and resolve in the poems. There is an Arjun hidden in every one, there is also a Krishna hidden.” The poet’s humanistic approach is expressed in the poems ‘Ab turn dene ki’, ‘No one is hungry here’ but ‘No one sleeps without a roof’, ‘Employment should be available to everyone. ‘ There was happiness all around.

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